Welcome Game Devs!


This site was created to share my experiences and knowledge gained from working on games for over 20 years. I look forward to helping you ship your own games. Please send me a note if you're getting started on your game dev journey and have questions.  Contact me!


...is the “why” to your project. Why are you building it? When you create a strong vision, the questions you ask along the way get easier. Everything flows from the game’s vision.
Have a clear vision.


...is how you actually accomplish building the game. Without a plan, you won't get far. Without the proper tools, you won’t build much. Without good communication, you won’t work well with others.
Get Organized.


...is your drive. There is a sort of strange physics around a project. It takes a great deal of force to actually launch it. This is where your determination comes into play.
Be Obsessed.

As time permits, I will be adding more resources here which are meant to help you navigate the odd world of game making. The focal point is around the three core pillars defined above. To succeed in shipping your game, you will need to have a firm handle on these.

Please check out the contact page if you have questions. I would love to hear what you're working on, and what's getting in your way.


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